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Actuarial Manager REF: NA1622

Sector: Banking & Finance


The role offers the opportunity to:

  • Be responsible for the business as usual operation and the development of the following IECM components: Large and PPO Claims; Claims Inflation; Attritional Reserving; Risk Margin; and Emergence factors. This includes: provision of output; relationships with IECM users; model updates; data quality; expert judgements; sensitivity testing; delivering PSOPs; technical documentation; management of issues on the issues log; and validation.
  • Assist in the delivery of regulatory capital submissions and internal and external reporting requirements.
  • Be responsible for the recommendation of the following elements of reserving: Third Party Bodily Injury (Capped and Excess), Periodical Payment Orders (PPOs), Process and Parameter Uncertainty (PPU), Provision for Adverse Reverse Movements (PARM), Reinsurance recoveries and Reinsurance Bad Debt.
  • Lead, plan, manage and deliver, reserving, forecasting and monitoring data to produce insightful analysis. Ensure models researched and built for reserving or for other uses, use appropriate techniques and data and are effective, efficient, high quality, documented and verifiable. Ensure review and consideration of the outcome of the collective analysis & strategic implications; constantly identify, review, and amend the reserving models and data processes to enable tasks to be completed in a more efficient and accurate manner.
  • Lead or play a significant role in analysing the following from a Corporate Actuarial perspective: motor and liability reinsurance purchase; PPO strategies.
  • Provide balance sheet sensitivity analysis for external publication.
  • Communicate effectively with the team and to external stakeholders to ensure thorough and accurate understanding of issues and resolutions. Building strong stakeholder relationships and organisational network.
  • Be aware of and comply basis with the requirements of relevant professional / legal / regulatory / risk management frameworks, e.g. Technical Actuarial Standards, IPL, SOX, PRAIS, SII & UK GAAP requirements.
  • Ensure that your professional and industry knowledge is up to date at all times. Actively share your knowledge and experience to drive and advise on best practice within your team.

Experience Required

  • The role is graded as a GGS13;
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills;
  • Strong data manipulation skills;
  • Advanced understanding of mathematical and statistical modelling tools and models;
  • Deep knowledge of the components listed above; and
  • Advanced knowledge of Excel, Igloo and SAS (preferred).
  • People management skills
  • Project management skills
  • Communication skills

The company offers the opportunity to:

  • Be part of an organisation which will help to progress your career further
  • Be part of an organisation which provides high class training
  • Part of an organisation which allows flexible working hours
  • Be part of an organisation with an inclusive culture
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