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Data Science Applications in the Insurance Industry

Murli Buluswar, former Chief Science Officer at AIG, and currently Senior Executive Advisor the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), speaks with CXOTalk co-hosts Michael Li, CEO of The Data Incubator, and Michael Krigsman about data science and innovation in the insurance industry. How can insurance and financial services companies adapt and thrive in a world of data and digital disruption?

Buluswar is a trailblazing and innovative leader. Since 2014, he’s helped AIG evolve from a ‘knowing culture’ to a ‘learning culture,’ from an organization reliant on human judgment to a firm that benefits from its institutional risk insights manifested through data models. Currently, he is a Senior Executive Advisor at the Boston Consulting Group.

Watch the video to learn more about how data science is transforming the industry, and how your team should be thinking about data science.