6 ways to becoming a better team player at work

If you’re an actuary or data scientist, who wants to have an edge the next time you’re up for a pay rise or promotion, prove you’re a team player. To boost your own profile (and reap the rewards), first you must help others succeed. That’s because teamwork isn’t just good for company morale, it also sets you […]

How to Navigate the 8 Hurdles of Actuarial Team Leadership

Leadership is never simple. However, as an actuarial leader, you manage several stakeholders, with different expectations and interests. We’ll be exploring the following questions: Is my influence constructive? Which behaviours or assumptions might be unhelpful? We all strive not to be like that ‘bad boss’ we know. And very few people wake up intending to be that. This means we […]

Communicating with Senior Stakeholders for Career Success

Whether you’re a general insurance actuary, a risk actuary or life insurance actuary, effective communicating with senior stakeholders is a big-ticket item that can make or break your career. Because senior management can influence the future of your projects, it is key to learn critical communication skills to effectively present information that lands on listening, […]

6 ways to remain relevant in the workplace

As an actuary, staying current in your field will require a strong mix of hard skills such as technical know-how needed to do your job, and soft skills such as general industry knowledge and communication savvy. Here are six ways you can work on staying relevant professionally. Understand the dynamics of the industry you operate […]